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Asunción, Asunción, Paraguay

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Our team of dedicated innovators, developers, designers, and strategists work to build creative solutions for our clients on the Salesforce Platform. Cloud computing and mobile development? We’re on the job. Our developers have been involved with these environments since the launch of the platform. We provide a nurturing atmosphere where our developers are actively mentored to strategically grow. But more than just providing client solutions, Oktana’s design and development teams are encouraged to experiment by building and demoing next-gen products from IoT-enabled drones to leveraging machine learning that are built around the Salesforce platform. With offices around the globe, we are able to provide personable and localized support for enterprise clients. What this means is that we don't just build for clients and call it a day. We build alongside you by ensuring that your input and vision are being met and heard each and every step of the journey. As a result of this approach to communication, we have an extensive list of clients that have come to expect our consistent level of guidance and delivery. So every line of code that we commit is a commitment to you: that things will be done right.

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